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AN016/A Direct Beaming Machine

Technical Features
 Type of Yarn  All kinds which are using in warping process.
 Width of Beam  1000mm - 1250 mm
 Beam Diameter  0-120 mt/min
 Press  By hydraulic cylinders
 Main Process  There are two electricity engines which are 22 Kw and 1.5 Kw.
 Hydraulic System  All units have Parker Hydraulics system.
 Control There is PLC controlling system by this system measurement in meters, speed and yarn can control by this system.
 Type of Reed  Accordion model
 Cylinder of Tension  Covered with rubber
This machine is designed to meet warping needs of loom machine which has computer or without computer and also there is high quality and speed. There is a sledge system which is arrayed onto steel body, activity provides to boxers by this sledge system, also there is comfortable and usage by programmable logic control (PLC) system.