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""Since 1970, we continue to bring you the best systems with Anmak quality and assurance...""

About Us

ANMAK A.Ş. Since the 1970s, it has been manufacturing carpet and velvet related machines for the garment department. After the carpet comes out of the weaving loom, it is sold and used by passing through the machines we produce. Since the establishment of our company, Experience, Trust, Quality, Technology and Service elements have been given importance and progress has been made in this direction.

Thanks to our 50 years of EXPERIENCE, in addition to the facilities we have brought to the carpet industry in Turkey, we continue to export to approximately 40 countries abroad. It provides fast and effective service with its wide SERVICE network to meet the needs of its customers at home and abroad.
Our other facility, Demir Torna Mühendislik, manufactures the parts belonging to our machines and develops the production capacity and product and works on the materials we need. In this company, we keep up with the developing technology with machines such as CNC - Lathe Leveling - Cut Slope related to the production of parts and the materials needed and plans to reflect them on our products.
ANMAK A.Ş. In order not to compromise its quality, it closely follows the rapidly developing TECHNOLOGY in its products and reflects this technology to the machines it produces.
ANMAK A.Ş; With its close attention, after-sales support and technical maintenance, and its rapid adaptation to developing and changing technology, it has succeeded in gaining the TRUST of its customers.

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All systems we prepare are prepared perfectly and their applications are made by our expert teams.

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